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Naji Realties

Quality Service, Hospitality and Innovation.

We are a Hotel-Style-Services brand specializing in providing premium serviced Apartments for anyone looking for a place that feels just like home outside their comfort zone. We are focused on providing premium comfort, right from your pick-up point straight to any of our apartments of your choice.

our doors are open

Whether you are a first-time visitor to a city our apartments are located, and you are looking for a modern luxury home with dedicated office workspace, or a smart home with the latest in modern conveniences, or you prefer an eco-friendly home, we are here for you.


Our Vision is to be a world-class service apartment firm and a leader in our industry by consistently providing quality service, hospitality and innovation.



Maintenance of building and property is a tedious yet an unavoidable task. Many business owners face extreme difficulty in maintaining their building and end up spending endless hours in getting the work done.

At Naji Realties, we run a facility management service designed to assist you in the quality operation, management, and maintenance needed by your property to achieve your business objectives.


Naji Realties is a full-service Company that develops real estate. We specialize in the entire lifecycle of a real estate project, beginning with site selection, conceptualization, leasing/sales, secure funding, construction management and facility management.

We utilize our real estate expertise to deliver transformative projects, we invest in our equity and raise additional capital as needed. Our sector specialization is commercial and residential with smart technology innovations

We understand the joy people feel when they settle into a place of comfort and the level of productivity you are likely to attain. Whether you are visiting a city for business or pleasure, we constantly seek to provide all that is needed to help you concentrate on why you are there by ensuring that all you need is at your beck and call.